In the event of a sewer or drain backup, or from flooding such as inland flooding, tidal water, storm surge, or mudflow and mudslide, you can rest assured that with ERIE’s Extended Water coverage endorsement, you will be protected. By adding this endorsement to your homeowners insurance policy, your home and garage will be protected. Additionally, your other structures and personal property are protected by this endorsement. Other structures refers to structures other than the dwelling (your house) such as a fence, a detached garage, an in-ground swimming pool, or a gazebo.

Flood insurance may be obtained through FEMA. Floods can cause serious damage to homes and can also displace families for extended periods of time. When you have the Extended Water coverage endorsement, the costs of the following will be covered:

  • Basements and other rooms
  • Water backups from sewers and drains
  • Repair and replacement costs for your home and personal property
  • Flood avoidance reimbursement (up to $10,000)
  • Temporary relocation costs i.e. a hotel or short-term rental

Why Do I Need Extended Water Coverage?

Flooding can happen to anyone. A typical homeowners insurance policy does not cover flooding.

Many homeowners make the assumption that, because they do not live in an area that is considered “high-risk” for floods, they overlook this coverage, thinking it’s not a necessary expense. Did you know that over a quarter of flood claims come from individuals living outside of high-risk areas? A lot of people underestimate the amount of damage that water can do to their home. In fact, a single inch of water has the capacity to inflict over $25,000 in costly home repairs. That could spell financial ruin for many.

Flooding can cause astronomical damage and costs to homeowners. And, the truth is that only three inches of water can completely destroy baseboards and drywall inside a home. In order to ensure your protection and financial well-being, adding Extended Water coverage with ERIE to your homeowners insurance policy is an sure-fire way to do just that.

Taking necessary preparation steps before something bad happens will help you maintain your peace of mind in a crisis. Call us at 301-948-2010 to discuss adding Extended Water coverage to your home policy now!