Water Damage

It is a common misconception that most water damage to homes is caused by hurricanes and heavy rains. However, it is non-weather water damage that usually takes the bulk of home insurance claims. Problems related to plumbing, such as pipes bursting, and drains and valves malfunctioning, as well as appliance issues are considered non-weather.

Weather-Related Roof/Flashing Damage

Wind, hail, falling objects i.e. branches and limbs, heavy snow, and freezing rain can potentially cause catastrophic damage to your home. Taking preventative measures before storms occur is a good way to minimize any damage. Inspect your trees and trim and loose branches as they could spell a threat to your home’s siding or any cars you have parked outside. Remove ice dams in order to prevent costly home insurance claims during winter.

Frozen Pipe Damage

During winter, frozen pipes may be the one threat to your home that could spell doom for your wallet. Of course, it’s always important to have enough home insurance coverage, but what may be even more important is to take the necessary steps to prevent a disaster from occurring in the first place. In the winter time, consider leaving a slight drip in your faucets. The continuous flow of water can help prevent your pipes from freezing. Additionally, consider installing a smart thermostat that can notify you if the temperature outside reaches a frigid level.


Unfortunately, there are people out there who, if presented with opportunity, will steal from you. To minimize the threat of theft from your home, consider installing outdoor lighting and create the appearance of you being home if you’re actually not. Lights that are set to timers are a good way to create the illusion of presence when it actually isn’t so. Any steps you can take to deter thieves are smart moves on your part.


Fires can not only pose a threat to your home, but also your own personal safety. Cooking, overloaded circuits, or not using a wooden stove properly are among leading causes of home fires. If you start a fire in a fireplace, never leave it unattended. Before leaving a room, make sure that fire is put out.