Millions of people embark on the open road on their motorcycles every year.

While riding a motorcycle can have an element of thrill, it can also present danger. Riding a motorcycle is much less safe than driving a car or a truck. In fact, estimate from the federal government show that the number of deaths per mile traveled on motorcycles was 29 times the number deaths in cars in 2019.

While there’s the obvious risk from lack of bodily protection a person has while on a motorcycle, it’s important to understand that other drivers on the road play a role as well.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, over half of all motorcycle accidents resulting in fatalities involve another vehicle. More alarming is that, most of the time, it’s the fault of the driver of the car or truck, not the driver of the motorcycle.

As drivers of cars and trucks, we have a responsibility to be aware of motorcyclists on the road. Here are a few things we can remember when we’re on the road:

Be aware of motorcyclists during the warmer months. Being aware of your surroundings is a surefire way to stay safe on the road. And keeping a mental note that you’ll likely see someone on a motorcycle when the weather is warm may be helpful in keeping both you and the motorcyclist safe.

Check your blind spots. Being that motorcycles are much smaller than cars or trucks, they’re not as easy to see. Regularly checking your blind spots before turning or changing lanes can help to keep motorcyclists safe and will keep you safe from making a terrible mistake.

Don’t get too close. As with other cars on the road, you should always maintain a safe distance between yourself and motorcycles. To be extra careful, consider increasing the distance between your car and a motorcycle. Motorcycles can come to a complete stop much more quickly than a car can. Don’t tailgate!

Stay in your lane. Motorcycles are allowed to use full lanes. Don’t try to share a lane with them. Keep your distance.