Winter is approaching fast. While we all want to keep ourselves warm, let us not forget about our furry friends! Dry air and freezing temperatures can present certain dangers to your pets. Here are some tips to keep your four-legged furry family members safe and warm until spring arrives.

  1. Add some layers. While our furry friends do have fur to help them battle through cold weather conditions, the Humane Society warms that windchill can still be perilous for pets. Exposed skin on their ears, nose, and paws is at risk for frostbite and hypothermia. Please don’t forget to add a jacket or a sweater before letting them go outside to explore.


  1. Protect their paws. Rock salts and other chemicals can irritate your pet’s paws as well as their stomachs if they decide to lick their paws after a recent walk. Add some booties to their winter wardrobe or be sure to check and wipe their paws off after each walk in order to remove the salt. Petroleum jelly can be effective in limiting salt pickup.


  1. Throw on the humidifier. Just like with us, out pet’s skin can become dry and flaky in the winter. By turning on the humidifier, you are adding some extra moisture to the air. Your furry friend will thank you for it! You can also add some moisturizing shampoo into their bath-time routine.



  1. Skip the haircut. While regular grooming is essential in maintaining your pets health and comfort, an extra layer of fur is helpful during this particular time of year.


  1. Keep poisons out of reach. Antifreeze is dangerous if ingested, so be sure to keep that and other harmful chemicals and poisons far away from your pet. Cleaning products should always be properly stored away from your pet. If you spill any chemicals on your kitchen floor, don’t neglect them and say you will clean them up later. Do it now, so your pet can’t get hurt!



  1. Take extra care during the holidays. We are certainly not saying that you shouldn’t decorate your house during the holidays. However, when you put up any holiday decorations in and around your house, just know that anything sharp could potentially injure your pet. Make sure your pet stays a safe distance away from any sharp objects and electrical wires.


  1. Let them exercise! Because it’s frigidly cold this time of year, consider buying your pet some extra toys to play with inside! Rubber toys are far more durable than anything containing foam or cotton, so consider purchasing those if you don’t want to have to make frequent visits to your local pet store or your favorite online website!



  1. Take shelter. Depending on where you live, you could be charged with a criminal offense if you leave your pets outside in extreme temperatures. Before you leave your house, make sure your pet is safe and warm inside.