Every new year, we all have new hopes and new goals that we want to achieve. Whether it’s paying closer attention to our physical health by watching what we eat or by joining a gym, a fresh start is something we all want for ourselves and our loved ones. As 2023 draws to a close and we approach the coming new year, we all want to put ourselves in the best possible position for lasting success and prosperity. While all of this sounds wonderful, none of it matters if something bad happens to us on New Year’s Eve. Here’s everything you can do to ensure that your New Years remains safe and fun for yourself and your family.

Consider your liquor liability: If you are planning on hosting a gathering where alcohol is to be served, take it upon yourself to make sure that no one who chooses to consume alcohol drives a car afterwards. In many states, you could be held legally liable for any personal injuries sustained or damage to vehicles if the person who left your party drunk gets into an auto accident.

Plan your activities: Games and activities for your guests are a great way to make sure that your party runs smoothly.

Serve plenty of food: Planning a menu is a great way to maintain your own peace of mind and to reduce stress levels. Procrastination is a real stress activator. Consult with your guests about food allergies before making your menu for your party. Having plenty of options for your guests, along with non-alcoholic beverages is a sure-fire way to ensure that your evening remains safe and stress-free.

Keep your guest list small: The usual saying when it comes to parties is “the more the merrier”. This may not be the case if you have people in your home you do not know very well or that you do not trust.
Again, in order to maintain that peace of mind and joy throughout the evening, be sure to keep your guest list to those with whom you have a close relationship and those whom you can trust.

Have a designated driver: Encourage your guests to have a designated driver for the evening, so that when the evening concludes, everyone can return to their homes safely. Other options could include Uber and Lyft, but the point is to not allow anyone to drive home drunk.

Shelve the fireworks: Fireworks are a potential hazard and can lead to house fires. They are especially risky when alcohol enters the equation.

Going out to celebrate the new year?

If you choose to go out for the evening to celebrate, follow these tips to make sure you get back home safely:

Choose a designated driver: Driving under the influence of alcohol creates a dangerous situation for yourself and other drivers on the road. Whether it’s Uber, Lyft, calling a cab, or having a friend not consume alcohol for the evening, we all want to stay safe. Do not drink and drive.

Celebrate with friends: You’ve seen a football team gather into a huddle to call the next play at a game. Well, gather with your friends and make sure that everyone looks out for each other during the evening.

Charge your phone: Make sure your phone has a full battery before leaving your house for the night. Having a dead phone makes it a lot more difficult to get a safe ride home if you need to.

Eat before you leave: Any food that you’ve consumed before leaving your house will help slow the effects of alcohol.

Don’t leave your car overnight: Leave your car in the driveway or in your closed garage. Don’t forget to lock the doors. New Year’s may be a time to celebrate with loved ones, but it’s also an opportunity for criminals to do what they do.