Do you enjoy the feeling of sitting in a clean car? Keeping your car clean and orderly will not only decrease stress and anxiety; it will keep your safer behind the wheel by minimizing potential distractions.

Water Bottles

Many water bottles of made from plastic. Plastics contain BPA, a harmful chemical that can potentially leak into the water. This chemical is believed to cause cancer.


Many medications are meant to be stored at room temperature. When exposed to hot temperatures for extended periods of time, a drug’s potency may be greatly diminished, thus effecting its ability to perform its intended purpose.


Sunscreen can potentially lose its effectiveness if left exposed to high temperatures for a long time. Hot temperatures can also cause the bottle containing the sunscreen to expand and eventually explode, creating a mess no one wants to clean up.


Leaving your glasses on the dashboard is a surefire way to make them too hot to handle or wear. Additionally, sunrays can alter the frames of your glasses.

Personal Belongings

Items such as your wallet, cell phone, keys, and passport are valuable and are prime targets for potential thieves. Never leave these items in your car, especially in plain sight. Take them with you or leave them at home.


Lighters already present a potential fire hazard when you use them. When left exposed to nature’s elements, you could be looking at an extremely dangerous and costly situation. Don’t leave flammable liquids inside your car.

Aerosol Cans

Aerosol cans have the ability to combust when exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time. This goes for both hot and cold temperatures. To be safe, leave your personal hygiene products in your bathroom at home.