"Thanks to You" Referral Program

We’re putting a little money where your mouth is.

THANKS TO YOU Refer a friend to Boizelle program


We love it when you talk about us. To friends. To family. To neighbors. To coworkers.  It means a lot.

How much? How does $50 sound?

The truth is, your opinion means everything to us at Boizelle Insurance Partnership. Since 1957, our reputation as a trusted source for the ultimate in home, auto and business insurance has spread because of you, our policyholders.

When you’re happy, you talk about it. And those referrals have contributed more than anything else to our growth.

So, we’ve come up with a way of saying thanks to you for recommending us. A rewards program that benefits both you, and a small part of the world around us. Because we know that means a lot to you too.

We call it Boizelle’s “Thanks to You” Referral Program

Now, for every party you refer who gets a quote from us, we’ll send you:
  • Your $25 VISA gift card, and
  • $25 to go to a charity we all care about, Children’s National.

There is no obligation. No pressure. No limit. On referrals or gift cards. You choose how they’re contacted. And we take good care of them.

Here’s all you do to participate:

  1. Submit a name for a quote by either calling our office or completing the “Thanks to You” Referral Form on our website. The person you refer must be new to our agency, must say you referred them to us and must reside or have a business within our service area (Maryland, Virginia, DC, West Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania).
  2. Give the person you’re referring our contact information, ask them to call Boizelle Insurance Partnership at 301-948-2010, and say you referred them.


What happens then?

We will mail your “Thanks to You” Referral Reward of a $25 VISA gift card, and send a gift of $25 to Children’s National. The referred party is not required to purchase a policy.

Your word-of-mouth has always been our best advertising

What better time than now when everyone is thinking about how to better protect themselves and their families? Who do you know that wants the absolute best in protection? Who’s buying a car, a boat, or an RV…shopping for a home, or a vacation home, or investing in rental property…who’s having a baby…who’s moving, starting a business, growing a business. We’re an independent insurance agency so we can help them with a policy that fits their needs.

We hope to always prove worthy of your support and confidence. Please enjoy our way of saying thanks, and thanks again.

Requirements: To qualify for a Thanks to You Referral reward, you must be a current client of Boizelle Insurance Partnership, and you must be at least 18 years of age. The referred party must have prior insurance and a qualified record (not high-risk or hard-to-place). 

Eligibility to enter expires: July 01, 2021.*

*Boizelle’s “Thanks to You” Referral Program may be extended or readministered at the discretion of Boizelle Insurance Partnership.