Your car battery plays a crucial role in granting you the ability to navigate through everyday life in today’s society. The battery provides the source of energy needed for all of the other electrical components of your car to function properly as well. Like everything in life, a battery’s lifespan is finite and will need to be replaced at some point down the line. Here are five signs that indicate your car battery may need to be replaced.

You have difficulty starting the ignition/turning over the engine.

Having a hard time getting your car to start may be an indication that it is time to replace your battery. As a car ages, the components that allow the car to function properly become less effective. As a result, it takes more time for the battery to receive a charge from the alternator. In other words, it takes the engine more time to turn over. As with anything in life, procrastinating, especially when you see warning signs that something needs to be done, could result in costs that could have been avoided had to taken action earlier. If you try to turn the engine over and hear a clicking sound, it’s likely that your car battery is already dead. The safest action to take is to take your car to an experienced mechanic at the first signs of trouble.

Dashboard lights and lighting issues.

Do you ever notice any icons on your dashboard being illuminated? If so, do not ignore them. This is your car trying to tell you that something is wrong. Oftentimes, there may be an issue with battery or one of the car’s computers. Whenever you notice one of these signs, consult a mechanic to be safe.

Another indication there may be a problem with your car’s battery is that your headlights are dimmer than usual. In order to ensure your safety while driving, make sure that you consult a mechanic as soon as you see any signs of trouble with your car.

Electrical malfunctions.

Your car battery is responsible for providing power to all of the electrical components of your car. So, if your battery is weakened, it may result in malfunctions of anything that relies on electrical power to run. For example, if your power windows or door locks suddenly doesn’t seem like it’s responding normally, your battery may be on its last legs. If you notice any unusual occurrences related to electrical functions with your vehicle, it’s time to have a mechanic take an extensive look.

Poor performance in cold weather.

Generally speaking, car batteries do not perform well when it’s cold. Batteries tend to not have as long of a lifespan in cold weather due to the fact that they need to have maximum flow of energy due to slow-moving engine oil. If you’re not careful, your battery can actually freeze. Consider having your car battery replaced before the cold season.

Strange odor.

If you notice a foul smell coming from your car, it may be an indication of a failing battery. A smell similar to that of rotten eggs means that a battery is leaking gas. Batteries contain sulfuric acid that can leak out if a battery is damaged. Sulfuric acid is extremely dangerous and, if not disposed of immediately, has the potential to corrode other parts of your car. If you notice a foul smell coming from your car, it’s best to take it to a maintenance garage to have a professional take a look at it right away.