Every year as a part of celebrating Halloween, many families participate in the age-old tradition of pumpkin carving. Sometimes, however, injuries can occur if proper caution and care are not taken when creating your spooky

Prepare your pumpkin and carving area

It’s important to keep your pumpkin dry, so it doesn’t slip out of your hands as you’re carving it. Be sure to place newspaper underneath your pumpkin and to have paper towels on hand. Finally, make sure that the area where you are carving has sufficient lighting.

Choose the appropriate tools

When it comes to carving your pumpkin, you shouldn’t necessarily think that sharper is better. Pumpkins have thick areas that a knife can potentially get stuck in. Attempting to force the knife out of the pumpkin could lead to serious injury. So, consider using plastic tools to minimize the risks of injury. They can still get the job done.

Leave carving to the adults

Allow your kids to trace the design they want for their pumpkin and then dig out the seeds from inside the pumpkin. Once ready to start carving, the adults should take over.

Have a first-aid kit nearby

In the event of an accident while carving, apply direct pressure to the injury with a clean, dry cloth. If the injury is severe and the bleeding doesn’t stop, seek professional medical attention.

Keep your options open

Instead of using sharp knives, you can elect to go the safer route by using such tools as cookie cutters or melon ballers. These items can help you create fun shapes and designs without risking injury. Painting your pumpkin is another option you can consider.

Be careful with the candle flame

Handling a flame always requires great care and caution. Any candle holds the risk of becoming a fire hazard that can spread quickly. Keep flames far out of reach of children.