The beginning of a new year presents the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Countless people all over the world use the end of the year to come up with their New Year’s resolutions. This past year has been a challenging one for many. As we reflect on everything that’s happened, we can use this new year to make sure we’re all putting ourselves in the best positions to be successful.


Going for walks, running on the treadmill, lifting weights…anything you can do to keep your body moving. Movement is essential to maintaining good health. Yes, you can get rewarded for getting into better physical shape. Quitting smoking is also beneficial because it can help get you a lower rate for a life insurance policy.

Consider adding ERIE Auto Plus to your current auto policy

With ERIE Auto Plus you get:

  • Diminishing deductible – maximum reduction of $500
  • $10,000 death benefit
  • Additional days of transportation expense coverage
  • Increased limits for things like locksmith costs, personal items, sound equipment and non-owned trailers.

Create a home inventory for all of your possessions

If you experience a disaster like a fire or a flood, it’s possible that many – if not all – of your possessions would be either damaged or destroyed. Having a well-organized home inventory on hand can assist you in working with your insurance company to make sure your claim payment is maximized. Additionally, your insurance claim process will be much faster if you already have your inventory completed.

Time for an Annual Review

Just as would be the case if you were visiting your doctor for your annual checkup, it’s a good idea to approach your insurance coverage with the same importance. Have you made any significant changes in your life? Call our office at 301-948-2010 and ask to speak with one of our licensed insurance professionals. They will happy to answer any questions you may have related to your home, auto, life, or business insurance policies. Our agents can also review your current coverages to see if you’re eligible for any discounts.