Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of those subjects nobody really wants to think about. But it can make all of the difference in the world.

Simply, it gives you financial protection to cover your responsibilities to your family, employees, business partners… So you can confidently move forward, living life, knowing if something happens, those you care about can continue on, doing the things they currently take for granted.

Life insurance can also afford you additional benefits and investment opportunities within your lifetime.

With Boizelle Insurance Partnership, you’ll feel good knowing we’ve got you covered. Up front. And throughout your life.

We’re better at the beginning because we’re independent. Unlike others, our agency isn’t handcuffed to one insurance company. So, we have a bevy of options to best match your needs at the lowest cost.

And you can count on us, when it matters most, for the long run. Boizelle Insurance has a nearly 60-year reputation for being there for our policy-holders. So you can be confident, when you’re not around to take care of your loved ones, good people are.

After all, the right life insurance is only as good as the company and agency providing it. Leave your beneficiaries in a stronger position with these advantages:

  • deep and reliable resources at their disposal
  • the support of a tried-and-true team, friendly and expert at making the process easier, plus
  • the reinforcement of the best insurance carriers - companies known for their sound fiscal position and service orientation.

Assessing your need

We’ll help you define your needs and choose the right coverage amount and policy period for you. Use life insurance to:

  • protect your family or partners, providing them with financial security
  • pay for your children’s education
  • pay off a mortgage or other debts
  • pay off final obligations and burial expenses
  • supplement retirement income

Life changes…so can your policy

Essentially, you choose your life insurance, and forget about it. But there will be times to “tune-up” your coverage, when you:

  • marry or divorce
  • have a child
  • purchase a new home
  • open or expand a business
  • retire
  • experience a change in your health or your spouse’s
  • receive an inheritance, or
  • are providing assistance to a parent or grandchild.

Talk to us. Boizelle Insurance Partnership. Good thing we’ve got you covered.

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