Life can get pretty crazy around the holidays. From coordinating schedules with family members to buying gifts, you may feel a little overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done to have a fun and memorable holiday with family. But, what about cooking? What about being safe in the kitchen? If you have little ones, you may be familiar with the scenario of having them run around the house making lots of noise while you’re trying to cook. Kitchen safety is always important. And around the holidays, it can be a challenge with all of the outside distractions. Here’s what you can do to ensure that you and your family remain safe.

  • Keep your kitchen counter tops free of clutter. Staying organized may help you in preventing injuries.
  • Unplug appliances when not actively using them. Not only does this keep your counter tops free of potential clutter, your electrical bill will be lower.
  • Be sure that you have, and test, GFCI receptacles in the kitchen to prevent shock and electrocution.
  • Once you are finished cooking, do one last check to see that everything is turned off.
  • Remove grease and dust from your oven and stovetop to prevent fires.
  • Do not leave the kitchen while you’re in the process of cooking. Distractions are your enemy.
  • Do not cook under the influence of drugs or alcohol or while you’re feeling sleepy.
  • Do not disable a smoke alarm while you’re cooking.
  • Do not use a stove with the intention of heating your home.
  • If you have children, consider designating another room in the house as their “play area”. Make sure that this room is a safe distance away from the kitchen where you will be cooking.

The holidays are meant to be a joyous time when many have the opportunity to spend time with those they love most. By following these tips, we’re confident that you will be able to enjoy your holiday with your loved ones while keeping everyone safe.