Key Tag Submissions

A Very Valuable Gift. 

Just part of our personal commitment to serve you, includes our desire to identify areas where we can help to protect you.

To this end our agency was the first to develop a system to protect you from loss if you misplace your keys.  Replacing keys and rekeying locks can cost you hundreds of dollars. Micro chipped keys and fobs alone can cost hundreds and require time consuming trips to the dealership.

How it works

You attach the enclosed Reward For Return Tag to your keyring. Your tag has a unique identification number which is already assigned to you in our secured database.  If your misplaced keys are found, the finder will call our office with your ID number.  We contact you with the finders contact info and we pay the finder a reward.  You can arrange to retrieve your keys without revealing your name or residence.  We are happy to assist in this process if you desire.

What you do

This is a free service which is provided to you as a token of our appreciation and concern for you.