Uncleanliness is a recipe for prolonged disorganization and stress in our daily lives. It is also one of the leading contributors to chronic allergic reactions. In fact, over 50 million people in the United States experience or have experienced allergies.

Some people are born with certain allergies. However, it is also possible to develop allergies throughout your lifetime if you do not take necessary precautions. Let’s face it. Allergies are annoying. And life should be enjoyable. Don’t allow allergies to get in the way of your happiness and peace of mind.

So, the real question is: How often should you deep clean your house? Let’s be honest. Deep cleaning an entire house is extremely time consuming. While we may feel fantastic once we accomplish this, very few have the time necessary to do a thorough job of deep cleaning. What’s the solution you ask? Focus your attention on the areas of your home in which you spend the most time. For example, you probably spend a lot of time in your bedroom, your kitchen, and your bathroom. Both of these areas, if cleaned well, require a substantial amount of time. Make your bed every morning. It feels good to come back to your bedroom with a freshly made bed after a long day at work. It will give you the feeling of peace and calm you desire. Additionally, your cooking and preparation areas in your kitchen require a lot of attention. You don’t want food particles to get stuck in the little crevices of your stove or your countertops to be covered with grimy food. If you leave this for an extended period of time, it becomes more difficult to clean (not to mention, more time-consuming).

Weekends, or any time you spend away from work, give you an opportunity to do your weekly cleaning. These tasks may include: dusting furniture, sanitizing sponges, wiping down kitchen appliances, mopping kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaning living room furniture and mirrors, scrubbing and disinfecting the bathtub, and washing your towels (after 3 uses).

Washing your bedsheets should be a frequent practice, even more so if you have allergies or have particular sensitivities.

Wiping down frequently used areas or places that are frequently touched by people is very important. Be sure to sanitize doorknobs and railings at least once a week.

Having a dirty refrigerator is not only unpleasant; it can lead to serious illness if you aren’t careful. You should always be paying close attention to expiration date labels on your food and drinks. Eggs and meat tend to give off particularly unpleasant smells if left in the refrigerator too long. Always remember, prolonging time away from cleaning areas like refrigerators will only make the task more frustrating and difficult.

Areas of your home that require annual deep cleanings include: windows, fireplace and chimney, gutters, drapes and curtains, dryers and vents, and carpets and upholsteries. Because these tasks tend to present more of a challenge, be sure to dedicate a full day to completing them.

If you keep your home clean and organized, you’ll not only prevent yourself and others from falling ill, but your mental health will improve significantly. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started on that deep cleaning!