Halloween is this weekend! Countless trick-or-treaters look forward to this holiday every year. There are always those looking to cause mischief whenever the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, Halloween is one of those times. The good news is that there are several steps that parents and kids can take to keep themselves safe.

Due to the fact that trick-or-treaters tend to walk the neighborhood streets when it’s dark outside, they become more at risk of being hit by a car on Halloween. If you’re behind the wheel at night on October 31st, you should be mindful of the fact that there will be little kids around. Help to keep them safe by paying close attention to the road in front of front of you and your surrounding areas. Put the cell phone down, turn your music down, drive with your lights on, and slow down!

If you’re a parent and you’re taking your little ones around the neighborhood in search of that delicious candy, take a flashlight with you. Because it’ll be dark outside, it’s a good idea to wear bright colors to make sure that you will be visible to drivers on the road. Carry flashlights with you, so that you can see drivers and drivers can see you.

  • Join young children under age 12 for trick-or-treating
  • Remind kids to use street corners and crosswalks when crossing the street.
  • When choosing a costume, make sure you choose the proper size in order to prevent trips and falls.
  • Incorporate a cloth or surgical mask into your costume
  • Wash your hands before eating your candy. Parents should inspect their children’s candy for anything out of the ordinary or simply something like a possible food allergy (peanuts in candy bars).
  • Use an app to track local COVID-19 virus transmission rates and take extra precautions where transmissions are high.
  • Keep festivities outside as much as possible. Of course, if temperatures are low, where the proper layes to keep yourself and your kids warm. Anyone showing signs of illness should rest and recover at home.

What are you planning to dress up as this year? We hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!