If you sustain damage to your underground service lines, because they are oftentimes deemed your responsibility, you very likely may be looking at a hefty bill when all is said and done.

A typical homeowners insurance policy does not come equipped with coverages for service lines. However, it possible to get coverage for these situations by adding an endorsement to your homeowners policy.

What Service Lines Might Run Under My Property?

Exterior underground service and utility lines include:

  • Water and sewer pipes
  • Cable, internet and electric wiring
  • Natural gas pipes
  • Propane pipes

How Service Lines Can Become Damaged

Service Lines can be damaged by tree roots, animals, electrical currents, a vehicle’s weight, corrosion, rust, and wear and tear.

Service lines are as fragile as they are essential. No matter what the cause of the damage is, repairing or replacing service lines is a costly endeavor. A homeowner may be required to dig up landscaping, driveways, or sidewalks in order to get access to the damaged service line. Add on top of that the cost of replacing trees, shrubs, and walkways and you’re looking at spending a very pretty penny.

If you have what’s referred to as an ErieSecure Homeowners Insurance policy, you have the option to purchase additional protection that will cover the cost of service line repairs as well as any excavation costs, outdoor property damage and even loss of use.

If you add this added protection, you will not regret it. Being able to maintain your peace of mind when disaster strikes is important. Your loved ones will thank you for being so diligent and prepared.

Service line coverage is available to you when you add either the Plus or Select bundle to your ErieSecure Home policy. This added layer of protection provides coverage for physical damage, caused by a covered service line failure, to exterior underground service lines i.e. cable, internet and electrical wiring. Additionally, natural gas, propane, and sewer pipes are covered.