You can’t drive if you can’t see. Safe driving stars with clear visibility. When it comes to maintaining good visibility behind the wheel, drivers should pay attention to their windshield wipers. Inspect them closely to see if they need to be replaced. If it’s raining and you notice that your wipers are not working as effectively as they usually do, it might to time to replace them.

Fog can be a real menace to your safety if you’re not careful. Depending on weather conditions, your windshield could become foggy in an instant.

What causes your windshield to fog? Well, when the difference between the temperature and moisture of the air inside your vehicle is dramatically different from inside your car, fog appears. This is because cold air does not retain as much moisture as warm air does. If it’s cold outside, the warm air inside your vehicle likely contains more moisture, thus resulting in your windshield fogging up.

How can you defog your windshield? Try these tips.

Use the “defrost” mode.

Manually adjust your climate settings.

  • Turn up the heat. Set your heat to a high level and turn the defroster fan up to its highest speed.
  • Turn on the air conditioning. Your air conditioning system will remove humidity from the air coming through your vents.
  • Turn off air recirculation. The symbol for this button mostly likely looks like a U-turn arrow inside an outline or your vehicle. When it’s on, the car will recirculate the warm air that is inside your vehicle through the vents. When it’s turned off, your car is able to draw the cold, dry air from outside to help the defogging process.

Crack your windows. The air from outside your car can quickly reduce the humidity inside your car.

You may think that wiping the fog from your windshield is a quick and effective way of improving your visibility. It may be quick, but it’s not effective. When the condensation returns, it’s likely to leave streaks on your windshield, actually making visibility worse.

If windshield fogging is a common occurrence for you, you can purchase certain products at various auto parts stores to combat the problem. These products are specially designed to add a protective barrier to the glass that prevents tiny water droplets from sticking. Applying this solution and then wiping it away should greatly reduce your fog problems.