Join Our Referral Rewards Program

Referral Rewards

Join our referral rewards program

There’s no greater compliment we can receive than a referral from those who know us best. We are proud to say that the majority of our business comes from our clients recommending us to their friends and family members. And we want to say thank you. So we’re introducing our Referral Rewards program! Here’s how it works:

For every referral you provide, we send you a $20 Visa gift card. Simple. Easy.

Please fill out the form below.  Once your referral is qualified, we’ll send you your $20 gift card by mail.

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Referral Reward Program FAQ’s:

What qualifies as a referral?
An individual who will give us all the necessary information to create a proposal. We reserve the right to exclude those who have no prior insurance or who are high risk candidates.

Who is eligible for the program?
Any person age 18 or over who refers at least one eligible prospect to our agency. You do not have to be a current client to participate.

Does the prospect have to purchase a policy in order for me to receive a gift card?
The qualified prospects that are referred do NOT have to purchase an insurance policy (i.e., become our client) in order for the referring party to receive any of the rewards and/or chances in this program.

Is there a limit to how many gift cards I can receive?
No, you may send as many qualified referrals as you would like. The gift cards will keep on coming.

**We reserve the right to amend or terminate this referral program at any time without notice.**