Artisan Contractor Insurance

Boizelle Insurance Partnership has insured contractors since our inception, so we have a full understanding of the risks you face every day. The type of contracting business you own: electrical, landscaping, excavation, plumbing and HVAC, as well as the size of your operation, affect the types and scale of the insurance you need.

We have great tools for covering contractors

Common coverage options include:

  • Property Coverage
  • Income Protection
  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown
  • Additional Property Protection
  • Supplemental Property Protection
  • Liability Coverage
  • Optional Protection Features
  • Data Breach Response Expenses Coverage

Because we’re an independent agency, we have the fullest range of opportunities available, so we can determine the best insurance products to suit your business type, your location or locations, your company’s size and your specific needs.

We know workplace safety important to you. Boizelle Insurance partners with carriers who have excellent safety programs that will help reduce the risk of employee-related injuries.

Have you ever had to wait too long to receive a certificate of insurance for a new project? We know a delay in starting a job could mean lost income, so we make sure you always receive Proof of Insurance quickly and efficiently.

Allow Boizelle Insurance’s experienced agents to construct an insurance program that protects your contracting business now and into the future. Contact us by phone or email for a comprehensive insurance review or to learn more about insurance for artisan contractors.

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