Blog | Boizelle Insurance Partnership - Part 8

Why You Should Never Drive Your Car on Empty

How often have you driven your car and noticed the fuel light on? This is a signal that you need to refuel your vehicle. Many drivers think they can push their vehicles to the limit when it comes to fuel, only refueling at the last possible moment. We strongly advise against this. We’ll explain why.

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Why It’s So Important to Have a Properly Functioning Smoke Detector

In an emergency situation, a properly-functioning smoke detector could mean the difference between life and death.

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How You Can Start Leading a Happier Life Right Now

Exercise more.

Not only does exercising regularly have the potential to help you lose weight, but it has profoundly positive effects on your psychological health. Exercise releases dopamine, a chemical that plays a role in how you feel pleasure, into your brain. It also has the ability to help us focus, plans, and strive to improve in various aspects of our lives. Even those who don’t see a dramatic change in their physical appearance from regular exercise do tend to have better brain health.

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How to Clean Your Car to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Every year, we create New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. I know. It’s October and I’m already talking about New Year’s resolutions. I get it. Stay with me for a second, though. Typically speaking, these lists focus on self-improvement: getting in shape, reading more books, taking more time to meditate, taking a cooking class, etc. There are several reasons why these resolutions fail. What’s one of the main reasons: They’re not specific enough. When you talk about any kind of personal goal, it will serve you better to be as specific as possible. For example, if you want to lose weight, consider writing down a particular date on your calendar, so you have an opportunity to chart your progress. These kinds of personal goals are common among people. But, what about making changes to your daily life?

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