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Rental Car Company Insurance vs. Insurance Carrier: Which Is Better?

Car insurance from a rental car company and car insurance from an insurance carrier differ primarily in terms of coverage, cost, and flexibility:

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Tire Chains: When Can I Use Them?

Have you ever driven through steep mountains? If you have, perhaps you’ve noticed signs that ready “chains or snow tires required”.

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Firewood Safety Tips

Choosing the proper wood for your fireplace is essential to ensure that you have a pleasant, safe experience when cozying up to the fire. Here are some key suggestions to think about:

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Tips For Your Next Viewing Party

Whip out the chips, dip and soda: it’s time for a viewing party!

Get ready for your guests: Rearrange furniture to avoid crammed spaces and be sure to create a clear pathway to the bathroom or snack table. If you choose to move your television, make sure that the cord is not stretched too far as it could pose as a tripping hazard. Stay on top of what the weather forecast will be. If the forecast is calling for snow, be proactive and shovel and salt your sidewalks to avoid slips and falls.

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