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Lowering the Cost of Auto Insurance

If you’re looking for insurance, you’re interested in lowering your auto insurance rates. Have you ever wondered how auto insurance rates are determined?

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Buying Renters Insurance? 6 Things To Consider.

Figure out how much your stuff is worth.

“There is value to everything when it comes to renters insurance,” says Terry McConnell, vice president, Personal Lines Underwriting, at ERIE. “Most people underestimate the value of their contents, but once they itemize them, they realize there’s a dramatic difference from what they initially thought.”

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When Should You Buy Insurance For Business?

Sometimes businesses just happen. You’re providing care, making clothing alterations or offering writing advice to friends, families and neighbors—just because it’s what you do. Then, one day, someone recommends you and someone you don’t know asks, “How much for your service?” Are you ready to charge? How much will you have to pay taxes? And when should you buy insurance for business?

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6 Scary Insurance Misconceptions

There are lots of spooky things about Halloween. Just a few include ghosts, goblins and the unfathomable: running out of Halloween candy.

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