Blog | Boizelle Insurance Partnership - Part 17

Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums

Writing a check for car insurance isn’t your favorite thing in the world. We get it. Here are a few tips to help you get great auto insurance coverage—while paying less:

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Use Just a Tiny Percent of What You Already Spend to Protect Your Kids

Do you know how much it takes to raise a child these days? Are you sitting down?

That would be almost a quarter of a million dollars.

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How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

Some people equate life insurance with tragedy and death. In truth, life insurance is for the living. Without it, the sudden demise of a key breadwinner could leave a family stranded without the resources to maintain their lifestyle—or even retain their home.

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Are You Covered When a Customer Claims Harassment, Discrimination?

You probably never want to imagine that a customer would sue you or your business for discrimination or sexual harassment, but it does happen unfortunately.

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