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Why Is Planning So Important?

Are you currently facing a decision or problem? It could be at work or in your personal life. No matter what your particular situation is, it is important to have a plan. While no one can know what the future holds for us, we can take certain measures to ensure that our future and the future of our loved ones are secure. We can come up with a plan! Here’s why planning is so important:

Planning helps you set appropriate goals

Planning helps you refine your goals and to figure out if it’s realistic or not. You may have gone to a friend or a family member with something you thought was a fantastic idea! That friend or family member may have heard you and replied with something along the lines of, “You should be realistic”. It’s not uncommon for this message to be taken negatively. In fact, some of the world’s most brilliant minds have said that the worst advice they ever received was to “be realistic”. To ensure that you don’t fall into the pit of discouragement and despair, break down your goals into step by step processes, so they will be more manageable and you will have a far greater chance of success!

Planning breaks a problem or goal down into smaller pieces

As stated above, breaking down your goal into smaller steps and pieces will help you to achieve what you want. Before you start, this process may seem overwhelming. All you have to do is take that first step and get started!

Planning reveals weaknesses (and strengths)

As you work through a plan, you will begin to see both what makes the plan strong as well as any weaknesses your plan may have. It’s important to stay focused and to not sabotage yourself. Write down the strengths of your plan to give yourself affirmation that it’s a good idea!

Planning increases certainty and confidence

Have you ever taken a test that you didn’t study for? Did you have any confidence that you were going to do well? Or maybe you had a role in play. When you took the stage, how did you feel? Did you feel confident or did you feel the need to retreat back into yourself? Practice gives you the confidence you need to be successful. Planning goes the same way.

Planning increases efficiency

Have you ever been a part of a project team that didn’t plan well enough? Did you not get your desired result? When it comes to a project for a business or any project for that matter, lack of planning leads to waste i.e. wasted money, wasted resources, and most important, wasted time. You will be far more efficient and will prevent waste if you plan ahead.

Planning reduces risk

Planning gives yourself and others around you (if you are working with members of a team) reassurance and confidence that a project will be successful. With that confidence, they will be more likely to invest their time and money in what you have to offer. A carefully presented, well-thought-out plan, will help show that you did you due diligence in making sure that risk has been reduced as much as possible.

Planning increases your credibility

If you come up with a plan that is effective, your team will see that and may even praise you for it. If you are competing for a promotion at work, those in leadership positions will see your effectiveness  and you very well may be rewarded for it.

Planning gives you more peace of mind

Any time you embark on a new challenge, you’re bound to face some form of stress. Planning can help you reduce that feeling of stress and actually give you confidence. If you take the time to weigh pros and cons, stress won’t go away completely, but you’re more likely to gain that peace of mind that you want and need to make effective decisions to achieve your goals.

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Halloween Safety Tips

The first Halloween celebration that took place in the United States occurred in Anoka, Minnesota in 1921. It’s been over 100 years since and Americans are still as eager as ever to dress up in their favorite costumes and participate in the old tradition of trick-or-treating.

Before you head out this year, take some time to come up with a plan so that you and those you care about can have a fun time while being safe at the same time.

Set boundaries – Before you leave your house, be sure to plan out a safe route to ensure that those you are with are familiar with the major streets in your area. This way, they can easily navigate themselves back to your home once the evening is finished. It’s a good idea to explain the importance of only visiting homes that have lights on. Never enter the home of a stranger for any reason whatsoever. There is also a higher likelihood that drunk drivers will be on the roads during the night.

Drive safe – Always remember to never text while driving and to keep your eyes on the road in front of you. On Halloween night, there are bound to be a lot of kids walking across streets and some of them may have on costumes that are not as easy to see when it’s dark. Afford yourself some extra time to get where you need to go. Drive slowly and turn your headlights on.

Avoid the tricks – Don’t participate in any illegal activity i.e. trespassing or vandalism. Make sure your Halloween night stays fun and that everyone gets home safely.

Host your own party – If you have children, consider giving them and their friends a safe place to have a party so they can socialize and hang out.

Brighten up your costume – Visibility is one of the most important factors when it comes to Halloween safety. If your costume has bright colors, drivers will have a better chance of seeing you, so you don’t get hit!

Stay in a group – Remind your children that it can be extremely dangerous to be out and about after dark by themselves. It’s best to stay in a group and to never wander off away from the group. Stick together!



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What Should I Do If My Brakes Fail?

Don’t panic

Realizing that your brakes have failed is a scary situation. Is it crucial to your safety and for the safety of those around you that you remain calm, so breathe and try to stay clear-headed.

Leave space, apply your brakes early, and give them another chance

To give yourself a chance to bring your vehicle to a complete stop safely, always remember to leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Slow down early for red lights, stop signs, and stopped traffic ahead of you. Pumping your brakes continuously will alert other drivers around you that you are attempting to stop your vehicle. When they see your brake lights illuminate, they will know something is wrong.

Carefully engage the emergency brake

Make sure you downshift and pump your brake pedal before applying your emergency brake. Pulling your emergency brake aggressively could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Downshift into a lower gear

You’ve hit your brakes, pumped your brakes, used your emergency brake, to no avail. The next step you’ll want to take is downshifting to your lowest gear possible as quickly as possible. Your lower gears should help slow the car down. While it may not be enough to bring the car to a complete stop, if you’re on a road that isn’t too busy, you should be afforded enough time and space to steer in a safe direction until your car comes to a complete stop.

Safely get off the road

After you’ve slowed down, it’s important that you get your car off the road as quickly as possible to avoid getting hit. Always remember to use your turn signals and hazard lights to alert other cars around you of your manuevers.

Don’t turn your car off until you’ve stopped

Turning your car off prematurely could result in power steering failure. This makes your car more difficult to turn.

Signal for help

Turning your hazard lights on or igniting flares are an effective way to signal to other drivers that you are in need of assistance.

Turn your hazard lights on so that other drivers are alerted that you are in need of assistance. If you must get out of your vehicle, make sure you do so in a safe area in order to avoid oncoming traffic.

Get your brakes inspected by a professional

Take your car to repair shop to get it inspected. A professional can tell you whether or not you need repairs.


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Ways to Secure a Designated Driver

It is never okay to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. According to the NHTSA, drunk driving accidents account for 10,000 lives lost every year and contribute to one-third of all traffic-related deaths. There has never been a legitimate excuse to drive while drunk. And that statement has never been more true than today when we can gain access to a designated driver as easily as opening a phone app. Here are three ways to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of others whenever you are intoxicated.

Call an Uber or Lyft

If you’ve ever been out to a bar or dinner with your friends, you are probably familiar with the situation of having more than one glass of wine or a cocktail. You may even say having a drink or two is bound to happen. If you or your friends plan to drink alcohol, the best way to be safe is to have a plan set ahead of time. Open your Uber or Lyft app on your smart phone and get a ride home safely.

Hail a cab

If you live in a city or an area where cabs frequent, they are a smart alternative to getting behind the wheel while you are drunk.

Ask a friend or family member

Having a trusted friend whom you can call whenever you need them, especially during an emergency, is a fortunate thing. Show thanks to them by supplying them with a gas card or lunch!

If you’re ever hosting a party where alcohol is being consumed, most states will hold you responsible for your guests’ actions behind the wheel. In those particular states, anyone injured by a drunk driver has the right to sue the host of the party who supplied the alcohol. In some cases, criminal charges may even apply. Being familiar with your host liquor liability is really important. Also, make sure that your guests always have a safe way to get home.

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